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Because People Matter Entry 1: Can I choose my own doctor while on workers’ comp?

Because People Matter Entry 2: Can I lose my job while on workers’ comp?

Because People Matter Entry 3: What benefits am I entitled to if I’m hurt at work?

Because People Matter: Entry 4

Can I Get Fired for Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim?

Can I get Workers’ Comp if I’m not at Fault?

Can your WC or SSD benefits affect you at tax time?

Claim Denied

Common causes for serious and fatal work injuries

Common Workplace Injuries in the Healthcare Field

Concurrent Employment: When You Have More Than One Job

Construction Workers and Workplace Injury

Could you have a CONSEQUENTIAL injury

Delayed Reaction to a Work Injury

Don't lose out on you lump sum award!

Estate Planning is for EVERYONE

Experienced Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Attorneys Based In Rochester and the Finger Lakes

Four Important Steps to Follow When Filing for Workers' Compensation

What is the First Thing to Do After a Workplace Injury?

Happy New Year from the Zea Proukou Family!

How can I make sure my work injury claim will be established?

How can I prove that pain is being caused by long work hours or specific job duties?

How Do They Decide How Much I Am Paid While Out on Workers’ Comp?

How Do You Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits?

How to File a Social Security Disability Claim

How Workers’ Compensation is Calculated in New York State


Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) And Your Rights Under WCL § 137

Injury at work? Here’s what you need to know.

Is there a way to calculate my potential claim?

Looking for Work while Receiving Partial Disability Workers’ Comp Benefits

No More Administrative Decisions from the Board?

I’m Out of Work Due to a Workplace Injury. What Happens to My Job While I’m Away?

How to Prepare for SSD and SSI Applications

Proposed changes to the Workers’ Comp Law – Make Your Voice Heard!

Protecting your family’s future – the importance of Estate Planning

Randi Proukou has a successful appeal to the Third Department

Social Security Disability Vs. Social Security Retirement

The Differences Between Workers’ Comp and FMLA

The very real consequences of workers' comp fraud

Unemployment and SSDI

Unemployment and Workers’ Comp Benefits


What if a work related accident could have been avoided?

What if a work related accident was technically my fault?

What if I have a delayed reaction from a work related accident?

What if I’m hurt at work but don’t have a doctor?

What is an SLU and How is it Calculated?

What to Expect After a Workers’ Compensation Claim is Filed

What You Should Do if You Have a Partial Disability

When Your Injury Might Not Be Covered by Workers’ Comp

Work related auto accidents

Work-related condition that is not a result of an "Accident"

Workers’ Comp Offset of Social Security Disability Benefits

Workers Comp or Personal Injury?

Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability

Workers’ Compensation Claim Tips

Workers’ Compensation for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Workers Compensation for Truck Drivers and Delivery Workers

What to Know About the Workers' Compensation Settlement Process

Your condition worsens with work activity? You might have a Workers’ Comp claim





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