No matter how many safety measures are in place and how cautious employees are, workplace injuries still occur each day. In New York State, the Workers’ Compensation Law exists to help those who have been injured on the job with medical bills and lost wages. However, filing for Workers’ Comp can seem daunting and intimidating for many people. Whether you’re in Canandaigua, the Finger Lakes region, or near Rochester, NY, the legal professionals at Zea Proukou have a tried-and-true recommendation for getting started with workers’ comp – take the first simple step by seeking medical treatment.

You were injured, so it is important to get to a doctor as soon as possible. Not only to receive treatment, but to begin the medical documentation of your condition. Keep in mind, you may need to go to the emergency room or an urgent care center, as most primary care physicians do not treat patients who have been injured at work.

Once you arrive, be sure to tell the receptionist at check-in that you are making a Workers’ Compensation claim, or that the injury happened at work. Then, make sure that everyone who treats you - doctors, nurses, physician's assistants, etc. - knows that you are there because you were injured on the job, and the extent of your injury. Often times the provider needs to know what you did for work as well as the job duties.

As a result, you may not have to pay for your visit. However, it is a good idea to keep track of any expenses, as well as receipts for mileage costs to and from appointments, medications, and anything else paid out of pocket. You can request to be reimbursed for these items.

Plan to see your doctor(s) every 90 days while you are out of work to provide evidence of your condition. His or her report should include your percent of impairment, as well as any physical limitations.

We know that workplace injury is a frightening time in your life and that Workers’ Comp can be an overwhelming process. Take the first step and seek the medical care that you need and deserve. At Zea Proukou, you don’t have to go it alone. We have a team of caring and experienced legal professionals who are dedicated to helping you through the process from start to finish.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about how we can assist you, we invite you to contact us today. For those in the Canandaigua or Finger Lakes region, our office can be reached by calling 315-853-9444. Those in the Greater Rochester, NY area can reach our downtown office by calling 585-423-9444. You may also email us through our secure contact page.