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Legal Assistant

Kimberly Ray Legal Assistant at Zea Proukou in Rochester NY

Kimberly Ray, a legal assistant at Zea Proukou PLLC, utilizes her extensive background, in Workers’ Compensation and Social Security. Kim has worked on both sides of Workers’ Comp claims, starting out her career as an insurance company adjuster, and since 2003, working as a legal assistant to secure proper benefits on the claimants’ side.

She has extensive ties to the Workers’ Comp and medical communities, a resource that is vital in obtaining positive results for clients. Over the years, she has developed relationships with doctors’ offices, insurance companies, and with the Social Security Administration, making each interaction with these entities a smoother one. Kim is a proven invaluable asset to the office as she demonstrates tremendous care and compassion for each and every client and their particular circumstances. 

Kim resides in Hamlin with her husband and their two dogs. They enjoy spending time with their children and getting out on their boat when they can. Kim is also a caregiver to her Mom who resides with her and was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. 

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