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Contact Us!

It's about you. And in a world where many treat you as just another case, be it by the Comp Board, the doctor’s office, the insurance company, and especially by attorneys driven solely by the bottom line, we’re confident you’ll find our approach to representation a welcome change from the norm. In the time we have been practicing law, the most important lesson we have learned is that our clients are people, and their worries and concerns are both real and important. The successful lawyer not only understands that, but embraces it.

Our goal is to inform and guide you. You are entitled to our attention, whether it’s a phone call or face-to-face meeting, during which you will be heard. Your questions will receive answers, guided by years of experience dedicated to the injured worker. And they will be presented in a manner that makes sense.

Our goal is to plan and process for you. A clear understanding of the issues, before they arise, promotes success. A straight-forward plan, carefully explained to you, coupled with our continual guidance – that is at the heart of representing people. That is what we do.

Our goal is to do what is right for you. An attorney can only do what is right for you by carefully listening. No two people are the same; no two approaches should be the same. The time we spend with you is indispensable to a sound understanding of your unique circumstances and needs. It is important to us that you do not feel like a number.

Our goal is to tell your story. When a case is litigated, it is about presenting your facts in the best light possible. Sometimes litigation is complex, and issues easily blur the person behind the case. By devoting the time to know our clients, and how they are impacted by what is happening, their personal stories can be told. That can and does make all the difference. Because it's about you.

We proudly devote our practice to injured workers and invite you to come see the difference in the Zea Proukou approach.


We can be reached by phone at 585-423-9444 or 315-853-9444 or via email by visiting our website’s contact page.