Have you seen our recent video on Facebook or Instagram? In it Dan talks about what happens if you have a delayed reaction from a work related accident. Watch the video here.


It is not uncommon for an accident to occur at work that, at the time, seems relatively minor. Then, a few days later, symptoms increase and you realize that the injury is more serious than you first thought. Hoping that the accident turned out to be nothing, you did not immediately report it to your supervisor, but now you need medical attention. Are you out of luck? The answer is no.


The best course of action is, and always will be, as soon as you have an accident at work report it right away, whether or not you think you are hurt. If that did not happen because symptoms started a week or two later, you should still report it (the law actually gives you 30 days to so) and then seek immediate medical attention either at an Urgent Care, an Occupational Health Clinic, or, if serious enough, an Emergency Room. At the first visit with a doctor, describe the incident that occurred at work, the date that it happened, and the fact that symptoms did not start to get bad enough to seek medical attention until later. Assuming no other incidents that cause you injury occurred after the work-place accident, the doctor should be able to provide an opinion that the incident at work is the cause of your injury.


Your next step is to then file a C-3 Form to start your Workers’ Compensation claim. The form is available through the Workers’ Compensation Board website, but we recommend you contact us so that the form can be completed correctly and timely. You should always feel free to call us with any questions regarding the Workers’ Compensation process, and frankly, the earlier the better.

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