While there are laws that may protect your rights and your employment if you’re injured while working, navigating those laws can be confusing and challenging, especially when you’re dealing with worries about your job, health, and finances. One of the most important decisions you can make is to protect your rights by getting the assistance of an attorney who’s experienced with handling workplace injuries.

Once you’ve completed the critical first steps of notifying your employer about your workplace injury and obtaining medical care, you’re probably left wondering what the future holds. While an employer doesn’t have to hold your job for you while you’re recovering, many workers are able to heal and recover from their injuries, returning to work when their medical provider has cleared them to restricted work or full duty.

Other injured workers may find themselves unable to work for a longer period of time than expected, or may find they need to return to work with duties more suited to their physical capabilities after being injured. You may be eligible to receive compensation for your lost wages if you’re out of work or working at a reduced wage as a result, and Zea Proukou can help you understand what you’re legally entitled to.

Although outside the purview of the Workers’ Compensation system, the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) protects workers who are injured on the job, and has provisions that allow workers to return to work after being medically cleared, as long as they return within 12 weeks. However, not all employers are subject to the FMLA.

Even workers who are able to return to work after a workplace injury may struggle with activities they routinely performed prior to being injured and may need to request accommodations for lighter or reduced duties. In some cases, workers may be eligible for compensation to offset a reduction in pay due to a workplace injury.

Understanding your rights, knowing what to file and when to file it, and what to do if you’re unable to return to work are all difficult challenges. If you have questions about a workplace injury and your right to return to work, contact Zea Proukou today to find out how we can help. We invite you to contact us at our Rochester office by calling 585-423-9444 or our Canandaigua office by calling 315-853-9444. You may also email us through our secure contact page.