If you’ve found yourself in the position of needing to apply for Social Security Disability benefits, we know just how stressful the process can be. In most cases, you may be suffering not only from medical symptoms, but facing financial pressures, as well. You’ve probably heard scary tales about the lengthy wait for benefits and horror stories about unjustified denials. Unfortunately, the process is a difficult one.

When you’re genuinely unable to perform the activities of daily living – things you once did easily and took for granted – it’s the worst possible time to have to worry about compiling mountains of paperwork and evidence to support your claim for SSD benefits.

And that’s why you should consult with an attorney. Our caring, experienced staff at Zea Proukou understands the SSD process inside-out, and we’re ready to help your claim go as smoothly as possible.

Applications for SSD are denied for a host of reasons, including incomplete applications, missing medical documentation, or healthcare providers who aren’t prepared to support your claim for medical disability. Ensuring your application is complete and includes solid evidence to support your claim for SSD benefits is just the first step in the lengthy process and it’s one that we can help you with.

Even with an attorney, the SSD process can take up to three years to successfully complete, and we know how to position you and your application to give you the best chance at getting the benefits you both need and deserve. If your claim is initially denied, as is the case for roughly two-thirds of applications, we will be prepared with the evidence to support your claim when the hearing is eventually scheduled by Social Security.

While an attorney can’t speed up the approval of your SSD application, we are able to ensure you understand the process and give you confidence that your case is in capable professional hands.

If you’re looking for a law firm in Rochester, NY or Canandaigua, and would like to know how we can assist you with a claim for SSD benefits, we invite you to contact us by calling 585-423-9444 or 315-853-9444, or emailing us through our secure contact page.