The Workers’ Compensation Board has recently adopted a new policy as of 1/22/16 entitled “Reduction of Administrative Determinations for Claims with No Lost Time.” While it seems relatively harmless because it pertains to injured workers with no lost time from work, it actually speaks to an in action by the Board which may result in problems down the road for the claimant.


Although the paperwork may be burdensome for already bogged-down Workers’ Compensation Board claims examiners, it is important for those injured on the job to have their claim established administratively, even if there is no lost time right away. Obtaining medical treatment or medications can become more difficult when a case is not formally established by the Board. It becomes of utmost importance to ensure all possible sites of injury are listed on the initial C-3, Employee Claim Form. And should the injured worker lose time from work at some point, getting benefits paid can be more of a process for a case that has never been established.


We see plenty of instances where paperwork gets lost in the scanning process, errors are made in official documents, and statutes of limitations have been passed due to inaction. It is important to have your claim closely monitored for potential problems and to protect your rights if the Board is choosing not to issue an Administrative Decision in your case.


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